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Table 1 Normalisation Process Theory (NPT) breakdown of key constructs [16, 21, 22]

From: Exploring the factors affecting the implementation of tobacco and substance use interventions within a secondary school setting: a systematic review

NPT construct Definition Sub constructs
Coherence The sense-making work that people do individually and collectively when they are faced with the problem of operationalizing a set of practices. • Differentiation
• Communal specification
• Individual specification
• Internalisation
Cognitive Participation The relational work that people do to build and sustain a community of practice around a new technology or a complex intervention. • Initiation
• Enrolment
• Legitimation
• Activation
Collective Action The operational work that people do to enact a set of practices, whether these represent a new technology or a complex healthcare intervention. • Interactional Workability
• Relational Integration
• Skill set Workability
• Contextual Integration
Reflexive Monitoring The appraisal work that people do to assess and understand the ways that a new set of practices affect them and the others around them. • Systematisation
• Communal appraisal
• Individual appraisal
• Reconfiguration