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Table 2 The schedule for the 3-hour CME meeting provided in the eight clusters

From: A geographical cluster randomised stepped wedge study of continuing medical education and cancer diagnosis in general practice

Time (minutes) Form Lecturer Barriers Content
10 Introduction Regional academic coordinator   Presentation of schedule and lecturer
10 Plenary discussion Hospital-GP liaison advisors, GP participants Risk-taking, PPVs of symptoms Questions regarding risk-taking and symptoms PPVs
10 Reflection, group discussion GP participants Risk-taking  
   PPVs of symptoms  
25 Power point presentation Primary care researcher Benefits of early diagnosis GP role in cancer diagnosis, times to diagnosis matter
Plenary discussion   Risk-taking Early stage—vague symptoms
   Use of fast-track referral Description of use of fast-track referral contra usual referral
10 Power point presentation Hospital-GP liaison advisors Use of fast-track referral Audit on quality of referral letters and discharge letters in relation to cancer investigation
10 Power point presentation Senior doctor from local hospital Risk-taking Cancer diagnosis at hospital level
Plenary discussion   Use of fast-track referral Cooperation with primary care
   Communicating risk Always inform patients about cancer suspicion
10 Group discussion GP participants   Debate: How are diagnostics done in your clinic?
10-min break (hands-on models were introduced)
40 Educational film Hospital-GP liaison advisors Risk-taking Educational film discussed in sequences
Group discussion GP participants Use of fast-track referral Awareness of barriers, pitfalls and difficulties in an everyday general practice setting.
Plenary discussion   "Low risk but not no risk"  
   False reassurance/pitfalls  
   Communicating risk  
40-min break—dinner
45 Power point presentation Primary care researcher PPVs of symptoms Cancer patients’ symptoms in general practice
Patient cases Hospital-GP liaison advisors "Low risk but not no risk" Debate on patient cases
PPV diagram   Risk-taking Demonstration of use of PPV diagrams (handouts)
   False reassurance/pitfalls  
10 Power point presentation Hospital-GP liaison advisors Online cancer guidelines Reintroduction of regional GP homepage.
   Communicating risk Leaflets to support communicating cancer risk