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Table 4 Example social marketing messages for Veterans Health Administration audience segments.

From: A social marketing approach to implementing evidence-based practice in VHA QUERI: the TIDES depression collaborative care model

Audience segment

Key information for decision or behavior change

Sample message

VACO** Leaders

VISN*** Leaders

Evidence regarding cost and quality impact on the veteran population of adopting the new depression care program.

"I want to facilitate the implementation of this new program at all VHA*** facilities."

Facility Managers

(Director, chief of staff, chief medical officer, service line directors, primary care director)

Benefits and costs of the new depression care program and proven techniques for implementing it.

"I support the new depression care program and know how to encourage providers to utilize it."

Frontline Providers (Primary care and specialty physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other health professionals)

Impact of the new depression care program on veterans' health and clinic workload.

"I know I should refer my patients to the new depression care program, and am able to do so."

Veterans (i.e., consumers)

Benefits of recognizing depression and seeking treatment for it

"I know depression can be treated, and I know how I can get that treatment."

  1. *VACO: VA Central Office, senior administrative and clinical leadership in Washington, DC
  2. ** VISN: Veterans Integrated Service Network, 21 accountable regional networks
  3. ***VHA: Veterans Health Administration