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Table 1 Five-step Facilitation process

From: Primary aim results of a clustered SMART for developing a school-level, adaptive implementation strategy to support CBT delivery at high schools in Michigan

Main focus and description of key activities for each Facilitation step
(1) Initiation and benchmarking to better understand barriers and set goals.
The Facilitator contacts SPs to give background on CBT research and evidence; discusses common barriers to using CBT (e.g., administrator support, protected time), and works with SPs to begin setting measurable goals for CBT uptake.
(2) Mentoring SPs through regularly scheduled calls designed to rally motivation and encourage strategic thinking.
The SPs and the Facilitator hold regular calls (suggested weekly) to help develop rapport; discuss and prioritize anticipated and experienced barriers and facilitators to CBT delivery; the Facilitator provides SPs with guidance for overcoming specific barriers to CBT uptake (e.g., facilitating communication with school administrator, parents, or other stakeholder groups). As necessary, the Facilitator connects SPs with REP TA or (if appropriate) their assigned Coach.
(3) Developing an action plan to mitigate or overcome barriers to adoption of CBT use.
The Facilitator works with SPs to design a plan and timeframe for addressing specific barriers, including establishing and tracking key metrics for success (e.g., CBT delivery).
(4) Leveraging influence by assisting SPs in discerning school, community, and administrative priorities, and encouraging SPs to communicate to stakeholders how CBT aligns with broader priorities.
The Facilitator continues to work with SPs and also reaches out to administrators or other leaders to help identify school/community priorities, and help SPs align CBT use and goals with these existing values and priorities. The Facilitator also works with SPs to describe how CBT aligns with leadership priorities and adds value for students, administrators, and other school employees (e.g., instructional staff).
(5) Ongoing marketing, wherein the Facilitator summarizes progress and develops plans for sustaining program delivery.
The Facilitator helps SPs summarize achievements, progress, continued barriers, and alignment with other school priorities or initiatives, and also helps to develop sustainability plans (e.g., by showcasing CBT's added value).