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Table 1 Hybrid III Implementation Trial: outcomes by RE-AIM construct

From: Stakeholder selected strategies for obesity prevention in childcare: results from a small-scale cluster randomized hybrid type III trial

Construct Outcomes Level of measurement Data Source
Reach • Number of lessons delivered to children
• Number of resources distributed
Cluster • Monthly report from teachers
Effectiveness • Child body mass index
• Child dietary intake
Individual • Review of agency records
• Child resonance Raman spectroscopy scan
Adoption • Number of WISE lessons prepared;
• Organizational readiness for implementing change score
Cluster; individual • Review of agency food purchase records
• End of year teacher survey
Implementation • WISE fidelity scores for 4 evidence-based practices
• Acceptability, Feasibility, Appropriateness scores
Individual • Observed wise fidelity
• End of year teacher survey and formative interviews
Maintenance • WISE fidelity scores in following school year Cluster • Observed WISE fidelity