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Table 2 Example completion of the FRAME-IS

From: The FRAME-IS: a framework for documenting modifications to implementation strategies in healthcare

FRAME-IS module or sub-component Example completion
Module 1
 The EBP being implemented is: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
 The implementation strategy being modified is: Training program for lay health workers to enhance parent engagement in PCIT
 The modification(s) being made is/are: - Tailoring of training content (e.g., language) to local context to fit population differences
- Removal of the behavioral coding component of the training
 The reason(s) for the modification(s) is/are: - Improve appropriateness/feasibility
Module 2  
 What is modified? - Content (details provided in Module 3)
- Context (setting, based on transition from Miami to California)
Module 3
 What is the nature of the content, evaluation, or training modification? - Tailoring (modifying language)
- Removing/skipping elements (specifically, removal of behavioral coding training component)
 OPTIONAL: what is the relationship to core elements? - Unknown
Module 4
 What is the goal? - Increase the acceptability, appropriateness, and feasibility of the implementation effort
 What is the level of the rationale for the modification? - Practitioner and Patient level (address cultural and linguistic differences for a population of predominantly Mexican descent)
Module 5
 When is the modification initiated? - Pre-implementation/planning/pilot phase
 Is the modification planned? - Planned/proactive
Module 6
 Who participates in the decision to modify? - Researcher, program leader, and clinicians (lay health workers)
 OPTIONAL: Who makes the ultimate decision? - Researchers
Module 7
 How widespread is the modification? - Network system/community (listed modifications were applied for entire California rollout)