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Table 2 Contents of field guide

From: Adapting rapid assessment procedures for implementation research using a team-based approach to analysis: a case example of patient quality and safety interventions in the ICU

Site visit planPlan of work for each day of an average 2-day site visit.
Site scheduleProvided by site.
Site summary and resultsOverview of site projects including intervention descriptions, interim and final reports, internal evaluation/quality improvement findings, and quantitative data on process and outcome measures (generally pre-post data) which we analyzed to standardize outcomes and findings across the four sites.
Informant listList of key informants and people involved in the site project, including list of people to be interviewed.
Questions for site team during Q&AQuestions for clarification posed to the site team to answer during first half day which typically included presentations.
Focus questionsThe main questions that the evaluation sought to address.
Hospital site profile instrumentProfile initially completed by evaluation team which gave a contextual overview of that site. Given to the site lead during the visit for completion and accuracy check.
Interview guidesTopic and question guide for: site principal investigators and co-investigators, project managers, clinician leaders, administrative leaders, implementers, chief quality officers, patient, and family advisers. Questions were driven by CFIR and RE-AIM concepts and included the following topics:
• Background questions about the person’s role in the project;
• What interventions were implemented and why;
• How implementation of the project went, including: whether it went as planned; adoption and adaptation of the interventions; barriers and facilitators; influence of organizational culture and infrastructure; resources needed for implementation; and potential for maintenance of the interventions; and
• Spread and scalability of the project within and outside the organization.
Field survey formAdministered to ICU staff/providers about their experience of using the interventions during observational periods. Contained structured questions and open-ended questions to be used as suitable.
Field note formObservational notes were recorded on blank paper and notes summarized using the field note form.
Implementation analysis chartFor team summarization of findings and interpretations from interviews or observations in a structured way to facilitate further analysis.
CFIR constructs and RE-AIM frameworkPrintouts of the frameworks and construct definitions as a reference sheet.