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Table 4 Eligibility criteria for retail outlet enrollment in the TESTsmART study

From: Incentivizing appropriate malaria case management in the private sector: a study protocol for two linked cluster randomized controlled trials to evaluate provider- and client-focused interventions in western Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria

Study eligibility criteriaa Response required for study eligibility
Does the outlet routinely stock and sell ACTs? Yes
Are they willing to acquire mRDTs and use in diagnosing malaria for patients? Yes
Are they willing to use a phone/app to collect/report data and receive subsidy? Yes
Are they willing to allow a data collector to conduct patient exit interviews for several days each month at the outlet/PPMV? Yes
Is the outlet license/registration up to date? Yes
  1. aIn Nigeria, PPMVs were also excluded if they had challenges with network connectivity at the outlet, if they were participating in other NGO projects, or if they had any agreements with drug/diagnostic marketers