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Table 1 Description of 2 × 2 factorial design and four study arms

From: Incentivizing appropriate malaria case management in the private sector: a study protocol for two linked cluster randomized controlled trials to evaluate provider- and client-focused interventions in western Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria

   Client-Directed (CD) Interventionb
No Yes
Provider-directed (PD) interventiona No Control Client-directed (CD) intervention only
Yes Provider-directed (PD) interventionc only Combined (PD + CD) interventions
  1. aProvider-directed intervention: retail outlets will receive a small incentive to perform a malaria rapid diagnostic test (mRDT) for suspected malaria cases;
  2. bClient-directed intervention: clients will receive free artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) if they agree to purchase an mRDT and receive a positive test result;
  3. c The provider-directed (PD) intervention arm will be excluded in western Kenya due to sample size considerations