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Table 1 Measures, sources, and tool frequency

From: NIATx-TI versus typical product training on e-health technology implementation: a clustered randomized controlled trial study protocol

Measurement Measure source Data source/frequency
Descriptive statistics:
Organizational traits: admissions, rural v. urban N-SSATS [72] IDPH—Months 7, 20, 32
Patient/counselor traits: age, gender, ethnicity, and level of education (counselor only) TEDS [73] IDPH—Months 3-7, 20, 32
REACH: (a) % who create a RISE-Iowa account and (b) frequency of use in days Gustafson [22] RISE-Iowa server and IDPH—monthly, Months 8-44
 finance resource availability; Klein [66]; Organizational survey—Months 7, 20, 32;
 organization change management (OCM) Gustafson [46] Organizational and staff survey—Months 7, 20, 32
Adoption: % counselor using RISE-Iowa Knight et al. [71] Organizational survey and RISE-Iowa server—Months 7, 20, 32
Effectiveness: retention (length of stay) Simpson et al. [69] IDPH—monthly, Months 8-44