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Table 2 Mapping GTO to the anticipated steps of GTI

From: Getting to implementation: a protocol for a Hybrid III stepped wedge cluster randomized evaluation of using data-driven implementation strategies to improve cirrhosis care for Veterans

GTO steps GTI steps Core-embedded implementation strategies
1. Problem identification
2. Identify goals and desired outcomes
1. Identify gaps and goals
2. Assess facilitators and barriers to implementation
• Develop an interdisciplinary team
• Designate implementation leaders
• Engage leadership
• Conduct consensus discussions
3. Find existing programs or best practices worth adopting 3. Choose implementation strategies • Identify barriers and facilitators
4. Modify the program or practices to fit your needs
5. Assess capacity to implement the program
4. Adapt strategies and address readiness • Tailor strategies
6. Make a plan for getting started 5. Plan implementation • Develop an implementation blueprint
7. Track planning and implementation
8. Evaluate the program’s success
6. Implement and evaluate • Use data to inform implementation changes
• Audit and feedback
9. Continuous quality improvement 7. Improve implementation • Use data warehousing
• Develop quality monitoring systems
• Conduct small tests of change
• Share lessons learned
10. Sustainment 8. Sustain implementation • Identify champions