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Table 3 Determination of action frequency

From: A pragmatic method for costing implementation strategies using time-driven activity-based costing

Implementation strategy name Actions Action frequency
Initial work for site readiness Meet with partners in person # in-person meetings
Travel to partners for in-person meetings # in-person meetings that required a visit to partners
Communicate with partners via phone # of phone calls
Communicate with partners via email # emails processed
Initial training of partners Meet with partners in person to deliver the training workshop # workshop sessions
Monitor training workshop via videoconferencing # workshop sessions monitored by expert consultants
Ongoing administrative support Meet with partners via videoconferencing for administrative issues # videoconference meetings
Consult partner as needed by phone # phone calls
Longitudinal remote consultation Observe EBP delivery sessions and provide feedback via videoconferencing # conference calls
Give ongoing clinical training via video conferencing # video conference sessions for training purposes, individually to clinicians
Consult clinicians in scheduled group consultation sessions by phone # consultation sessions
Consult clinicians individually as needed by phone # phone calls
Fidelity review Watch recorded EBP delivery sessions and fill out fidelity assessment forms # of recorded sessions reviewed for fidelity