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Table 4 Effectiveness and sustainability

From: The sustainability of public health interventions in schools: a systematic review

Study #Intervention name; author(s) and yearEffects on outcome(s) summarised% of schools/staff that sustained the curriculum component% of schools/staff that sustained the ethos/environment component% of schools/staff that sustained the family component
3–9Child and Adolescent Trial for Cardiovascular Health (CATCH); Johnson et al. 2003 [52]; Kelder et al. 2003 [49]; Lytle et al. 2003 [48]; McKenzie et al. 2003 [51]; Osganian et al. 2003 [55]; Parcel et al. 2003 [60]; Hoelscher et al. 2004 [56]Effective for primary outcomes23% of teachers had used health education materials
32% of teachers had used PE materials
88% of PE specialists had used PE materials
15% of cooks said they used the intervention manual.
32% of cooks said they used the intervention recipe box.
4% of staff
11School Fruit Programme and the Fruit and Vegetables Make the Marks (FVMM); Bere 2006 [61]Effective for primary outcomesNot reported44% of schoolsNot reported
15First Step to Success; Loman et al. 2010 [59]Effective for primary outcomesn/aNot reportedNot reported
20Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS); Nadeem and Ringle 2016 [46]Effective for primary outcomesn/a0% of clinicians0% of teachers
24Health Optimizing PE (HOPE); Egan et al 2019 [45]Effective for primary outcomes0% of schools (NB one school in study)One activity continued, one activity discontinued0% of teachers
12Untitled - intervention focused on water consumption; Muckelbauer et al. 2009 [66]Effective for some but not all primary outcomesNot reported65% of schoolsn/a
14Winning with Wellness; Schetzina et al. 2009 [50]Effective for some but not all primary outcomes50% of teachers (not all classroom activities reported)Not reportedn/a
16GreatFun2Run; Gorely et al. 2011 [65]Effective for some but not all primary outcomes25% of teachersNot reportedNot reported
17Fourth R program; Crooks et al. 2013 [64]Effective for some but not all primary outcomes72% of teachersn/aNot reported
18New Moves; Friend et al. 2014 [47]Effective for some but not all primary outcomes91% of schools continued PE;
45% continued health education
27% of schools continued individual staff-student coaching sessions;
0% of schools staff-student lunch get-togethers
Not reported
22TAKE 10!; Goh et al. 2017 [44]Effective for some but not all primary outcomesn/a20% of teachersn/a
10Project ALERT; St Pierre and Kaltreider 2004 [58]No effect on primary outcome, harmful effect for one treatment condition38% of schoolsn/an/a
1Project Salsa; Elder et al., 1998 [57]n/k17% of schools0% of schoolsNot reported
2Adolescent Suicide Awareness Program (ASAP); Kalafat and Ryerson 1999 [53]n/k96% of schools67% of schools13% of schools
13European Network of Health-Promoting Schools; Tjomsland et al. 2009 [43]n/kNot reported71% of schoolsNot reported
19Youth@work: Talking Safety; Rauscher et al. 2015 [54]n/kNot reportedn/an/a
21Good Behavior Game (GBG); Dijkman et al. 2017 [63]n/kn/aNot reportedn/a
23School outdoor smoking ban; Rozema et al. 2018 [62]n/kn/aNot reportedn/a