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Table 1 Framework of interventional activity with the timeline

From: Can a multicomponent multidisciplinary implementation package change physicians’ and nurses’ perceptions and practices regarding thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke? An exploratory analysis of a cluster-randomized trial

Aug–Sep 2013
Sep 2013
Oct 2013
Jan–Dec 2014
March–Nov 2014
March–Nov 2014
March–Dec 2014
Meeting dates not on fixed period
Oct 2014
Executive buy-in (calls or visits)Pre-workshop site meetingsWorkshop 1Online training modulesBi-monthly teleconferencesQuarterly feedback on thrombolysisRegular case monitoringSite-based working group meetingsWorkshop 2
 1. Situational analysis
2. Executive buy-in
3. Preliminary target setting
1. Goals and target setting
2. Review of current thrombolysis rate
3. Situational analysis
4. Barriers and solutions
5. Forming a site working group
1. Competency-based assessments
2. Clinical decision-making skills
3. Eligibility criteria for stroke thrombolysis
1. Intrahospital collaboration
2. Barriers and solutions
1. Motivation
2. Tracking against targets
3. Feedback
1. Motivation
2. Case review
3. Training update
4. Site update
1. Multidisciplinary collaboration within the hospital
2. Case reviews
Target settings
3. Barriers and solutions
1. Review of current and new goals
2. Sustainability of change achieved
3. Planning for the future