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Table 5 Correct risk category and medication recommendation before and after using the website

From: Implementing cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines to translate evidence-based medicine and shared decision making into general practice: theory-based intervention development, qualitative piloting and quantitative feasibility

Selected case Before using risk calculator After using risk calculator
Low risk (n = 37) Correct risk category: 70% Correct risk category: 87%
Likely/very likely to prescribe any meds: 19% Blood pressure med recommended: 22%
Cholesterol med recommended: 22%
Moderate risk (n = 19) Correct risk category: 58% Correct risk category: 90%
Likely/very likely to prescribe any meds: 74% Blood pressure med recommended: 32%
Cholesterol med recommended: 42%
High risk (n = 42) Correct risk category: 26% Correct risk category: 76%
Likely/very likely to prescribe any meds: 57% Blood pressure med recommended: 71%
Cholesterol med recommended: 83%
  1. Note: see Additional file 1 for details of the 9 hypothetical patient cases (3 per risk category; randomised order in survey and also presented in the audit and feedback section of website; developed from Healthy Heart Study GP interviews that identified situations where absolute risk assessment/communication is most challenging [16, 17])