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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for mothers

From: Disseminating and implementing a lifestyle-based healthy weight program for mothers in a national organization: a study protocol for a cluster randomized trial

Criteria Inclusion Exclusion Assessment
Age 18–45 years   Self-report
Obesity status BMI = 25–45 kg/m2   Measured on scale/stadiometers
Pregnancy status Not pregnant Less than 6 months postpartum; Planning to become pregnant in the next 24 months Self-report
PAT participation Participating in or willing to participate in PAT Planning to move out of the service area of the PAT site or to stop participating in PAT in the next 24 months Self-report
Research participation Willing to provide informed consent; agree to all study procedures and assessments; speak English or Spanish Unable to provide informed consent, unable to engage in a walking program Self-report