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Table 4 Evaluation of the ImpRes tool

From: Designing high-quality implementation research: development, application, feasibility and preliminary evaluation of the implementation science research development (ImpRes) tool and guide

Statements Median (IQR)
Structure and content
 The ImpRes tool is easy to understand 4 (3–4)
 The ImpRes tool is time consuming to complete 4 (3–4)
 The ImpRes tool is too long 3 (2–4)
 The order of the questions is logical 4 (4–4)
 The ImpRes tool covers the key components that should be considered when designing/conducting an implementation project 4 (4–4)
 The ImpRes tool is a useful for self/project team reflection regarding implementation research 5 (4–5)
 The ImpRes tool is useful for identifying project areas where implementation science is lacking 5 (4–5)
 ImpRes is a useful tool to strengthen implementation science in projects 5 (4–5)
 Giving project teams feedback on their project based on the ImpRes tool would be useful for improving the quality of implementation research 4 (4–5)
 ImpRes is a useful tool to audit the quality of implementation research 4 (4–4)
 ImpRes is a useful tool in identifying projects that should be adopted by CLAHRC South Londona, N = 12b 4 (3–5)
  1. 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neither agree nor disagree, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree
  2. aResearch organization in which ImpRes was developed, applied and evaluated
  3. bN = 13 unless otherwise stated