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Table 2 Schedule of patient activities and assessments by time period

From: Implementation facilitation to promote emergency department-initiated buprenorphine for opioid use disorder: protocol for a hybrid type III effectiveness-implementation study (Project ED HEALTH)

Instrument/activity Time Done by Baseline evaluation period (12 months) IF (6 months) IF evaluation period (12 months)
Screening Enrollment 30-day follow-up Screening Enrollment 30-day follow-up
(Index ED visit 1) (Visit 2) (Index ED visit 1) (Visit 2)
ED health quiz 2′ RA X     X   
DSM-5 5′ RA X     X   
Urine drug screen 5′ RA X     X   
Patient eligibility summary 2′ RA X     X   
Written compound informed consent 10’ RA   X     X  
Demographics and additional characteristics 1’ RA   X     X  
Locator information form 2’ RA   X     X  
Other substance use 1’ RA   X     X  
Timeline followback (TLFB) 10’ RA   X X    X X
Health services utilization (inpatient and outpatient) 6’ RA   X X    X X
Health status (HRBS/PHQ9/PEG) 3’ RA   X X    X X
Overdose 1’ RA   X X    X X
EuroQol-5D 2’ RA   X X    X X
Crime and criminal justice 1’ RA   X X    X X
Urine drug screen 5’ RA    X     X
Healthcare visit logistics 1’ RA    X     X
Engagement in treatment 5’ RA    X     X
ED visit review   RA   X     X  
Critical action checklist   RAa   X     X  
ED visits and hospitalizations   RA    X     X
Study completion   RA    X     X
Serious adverse event (death)   RA As needed   As needed
Protocol deviations   RA As needed   As needed
Total duration in minutes for participant interaction: 14’ 37’ 34’   14’ 37’ 34’
  1. aSite staff, with PI input as needed