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Table 1 Descriptions of training and roles of CPLP staff and the research team

From: The Calgary Audit and Feedback Framework: a practical, evidence-informed approach for the design and implementation of socially constructed learning interventions using audit and group feedback

CPLP staff participants Description
Project managers (2) The two CPLP project managers were experienced in audit and feedback project development and had formal project management training.
CPLP facilitator (CS) A physician with experience in education and clinical research, who worked at the CPLP for 3 years as the program medical director.
Research team members
 LC An academic clinician educator with training in medical education research and experience in knowledge translation and audit and feedback, who oversaw the CPLP program at the time when these AGFS occurred.
 CS See above. CS was the medical director at the time the AGFS were completed.
 DD CPLP project and program manager during the time that these AGFS took place.
Has training in education and knowledge translation
 LR Research associate in CPLP when the AGFS were conducted. Training in epidemiology, quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
 SD A physician with training in epidemiology and knowledge translation who became the program medical director after the AGFS were developed.
 HA An academic professor of family medicine with training in knowledge translation, medical education and qualitative methodologies with extensive research experience with physician learning and feedback.