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Table 6 ANC practices observed during telemedicine consultations in SkyHealth facilities

From: Process evaluation of a social franchising model to improve maternal health: evidence from a multi-methods study in Uttar Pradesh, India

Activities performed by healthcare worker SkyHealth
Washed hands before procedures 0/25 (0%)
Put on examination gloves 0/25 (0%)
Weighed the client 25/25 (100%)
Took the client’s blood pressure 25/25 (100%)
Examined hands for oedema 25/25 (100%)
Performed or referred for urine test 0/25 (0%)
Tested for proteinuria 0/25 (0%)
Tested for glucose 0/25 (0%)
Checked for sign of anaemia 0/25 (0%)
Performed or referred for anaemia test 2/25 (8%)
Palpated client’s abdomen for fundal height 0/25 (0%)
Listened for foetal heartbeat 2/25 (8%)
Performed or referred for syphilis test 0/25 (0%)
  1. Notes: Source of data is the clinical observations of antenatal care consultations done by telemedicine. Data are n/N (%)