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Table 3 Representative examples of physicians discussing evidence during AGFs

From: How do physicians behave when they participate in audit and feedback activities in a group with their peers?

Discussing evidence for best practices Representative quotations
Case 2B Participant [raising recent guidelines for the group]. “There’s a bunch of new Choosing Wisely recommendations that came out not last week but the week before. And under the psychiatrists’ [Choosing Wisely Recommendations] there’s a number of them deal with antipsychotics as well, too.”
Case 3 Participant [discussing safety of steroids in diabetic patients]: “And another thing about Dexamethasone… there was a study that showed the glucose jump after single dose of in diabetic is not actually more than, you know, in normal non-diabetic. So, unless it’s a [inaudible] insulin and, you know, with complications, I use it on diabetics too because it’s [inaudible] oral hypoglycemics so it’s, apparently, it’s not affected, like they are not getting the coma after this single dose of Dexamethasone.”