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Table 3 Example of thematic data analysis of transcripts from FGD with IPPC teams

From: Implementation of a facilitation intervention to improve postpartum care in a low-resource suburb of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Extract from FGD transcripts Codes Sub-theme Theme
We [the IPPC team] could agree with colleagues and leaders locally /…/ to jointly address the challenges, example HCPs from institution (X) temporarily worked at institution (Y) to cater for the staff shortages and share PPC knowledge with colleagues Teamwork Sharing of resources Teamwork, networking and collaboration Promoting an empowering and collaborative work style
…sometimes you face a challenge, which your colleagues from another institution faced earlier and solved it. For example, institution (X) could not buy a baby coat [expensive from shops] but made cheaper from local carpenter. They shared a picture and the rest who are facing similar challenge could do the same Sharing of innovations Networking