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Table 3 Study measures

From: Effectiveness of a multi-level implementation strategy for ASD interventions: study protocol for two linked cluster randomized trials

Purpose (aim) Construct Measure/indicators Timeframe
BL Pre Post FU
Outcomes (aim 1) Training completion Provider training/consultation completion (based on trainer-rated attendance tracking)    X  
Provider fidelity Fidelity of ASD EBI (also collected mid-training for total of 3 obs.)   X X .
Child improvements Child session behaviors (disruptive, engagement)   X X  
Child symptom improvement (ECBI [AIM HI]/PDDBI [CPRT])   X X  
Mechanisms of change (aims 2, 3) Provider engagement Training/consultation attendance (trainer rated)    X  
Adherence to training requirements (video submissions, forms)    X  
Provider attitudes Evidence-Based Practice Attitudes Scale (EBPAS)   X X X
Adapted motivation inventory [116]   X X X
Impl. Leadership & Climate Implementation Leadership Scale (leaders and providers) [98] X X X X
Implementation Climate Scale [117] (leaders and providers) X X X X
Implementation support use Assessment of implementation supports strategies X X X X
Moderators (aim 3) Background/experience AIM HI & CPRT Background Questionnaire (leaders & providers) X (L) X (P)   
Org. structure Program/District Structure Questionnaire X