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Table 2 Integration of mixed-method results (quantitative items and qualitative themes) demonstrating convergence and expansion of findings

From: Leading for the long haul: a mixed-method evaluation of the Sustainment Leadership Scale (SLS)

  Type of Method  
Dimension Quantitative Items Qualitative Findings MM Function
Proactive - Developed a plan to facilitate sustainment of SafeCare
- Removed obstacles to the sustainment of SafeCare
- Established clear department standards for the sustainment of SafeCare
- Leaders were described as proactively communicating information about SafeCare.
- Providers mentioned their leaders developing processes to ensure SafeCare is employed
- Leaders proactive in ensuring providers have enough referrals to employ SafeCare.
Knowledgeable - Is knowledgeable about SafeCare
- Is able to answer staff questions about SafeCare
- Knows what he/she is taking about when it comes to SafeCare
- Leaders were described as knowing SafeCare in and out, and able to quickly direct providers to resources.
- Leaders provide providers SafeCare advice to questions they have with clients.
- Providers described leaders as having extensive past experience delivering SafeCare, and understand its processes.
Supportive - Recognizes and appreciates employee efforts towards successful sustainment of SafeCare
- Supports employee efforts to learn more about SafeCare
- Supports employee efforts to use SafeCare
- Leaders were described as being very supportive to providers, encouraging them to excel in their delivery of SafeCare.
- Leaders were described as ‘cheerleaders’
- Providers mentioned that their leaders solicited their input regarding SafeCare and were open to answer their questions.
Perseverant - Perseveres through the ups and downs of sustainment of SafeCare
- Carries on through the challenges of sustaining SafeCare
- Reacts to critical issues regarding the sustainment of SafeCare by effectively addressing the problem(s)
- When there are issues or something is going wrong with SafeCare, leaders meet with providers to work through the problems.
- Providers described their leaders as using creative strategies to address ongoing referral problems.
Available Not applicable - Providers reported that though their leaders were busy, they were always available.
- Leaders were mentioned as being easily accessible, taking the time to meet if there were concerns or issues.