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Table 1 Data collection

From: Prioritising Responses Of Nurses To deteriorating patient Observations (PRONTO) protocol: testing the effectiveness of a facilitation intervention in a pragmatic, cluster-randomised trial with an embedded process evaluation and cost analysis

Aim Variable/Measure Instrument Outcomes Data collection point
1 Adherence to CPG eCRF CPG element compliance: completed VS documentation; repeated VS within 30 min; interventions within scope of practice; CRC and MET activations; escalation as per hospital policy. Baselinea, 6 and 12 monthsb
2 Patient outcomes eCRF; Hospital clinical databases Unplanned ICU admissions, cardio-respiratory arrests, limitations of medical treatment orders, HLOS and inpatient mortality. Baselinea, 6 and 12 monthsb
2 Hospital costs CRF; Hospital clinical costing databases. Unplanned ICU admissions, HLOS and inpatient mortality; total cost of hospital episode. Hospital episodeb
2 Intervention costs CRF; Staffing salaries FLIP cost; training frequency Continuous
3 FLIP dose eACL Contact and content of contact. Continuous
3 Enablers/barriers eACL/ Ward Communication Books, RISKMAN incidents, Focus groups. Issues arising; Critical incident analysis. Continuous
3 Ward Impact Ward Communication Books, policies and procedures, interviews, field observations. Frequency and content. Continuous
3 Facilitator Impact Interviews with all FLIPS Perceptions and content. 6 monthsb
  1. aPrior to commencement of intervention (baseline)
  2. bOn completion of intervention (6 and 12 months post-baseline data collection)