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Table 1 Participant questions

From: Adapting an adherence support workers intervention: engaging traditional healers as adherence partners for persons enrolled in HIV care and treatment in rural Mozambique

Theater presentation 1
 1. What are some factors that stopped the patient from adhering to his medication?
 2. What could a traditional healer do to help the patient with those problems?
 3. What are some other factors that stopped the patient from returning to the health unit for the consultation or to collect her medicine?
 4. What could the healer have done to help the patient with that?
 5. What was your reaction when seeing a traditional healer providing support to an HIV positive patient?
 6. How did the healer provide support to the patient?
 7. What did you like the most about the support they gave?
 8. What did you like the least about the support they gave?
 9. How can we improve the way in which the healer provided support?
 10. What are some barriers to having a traditional healer as a support worker?
Theater presentation 2
 1. In this theater presentation, our patient decides to work with a traditional healer as her treatment partner. But, she could have also decided not to accept. What do you think are some of the reasons she should say yes?
 2. What are some of the reasons she should say no?
 3. If we employed healers as treatment supporters, how should we choose which healers to work with?
 4. In our presentation, the patient says yes to working with a healer. If you were in her place, how would you decide which healer you would work with? What information would you like us to provide to help you make that decision?
 5. What is the best way to educate a patient about the different healers he/she can work with? Should the nurse provide a list of possible healers? What is your idea?
 6. Once the patient has picked a healer, what is the best way of connecting them?
 7. How often should the healer visit the patient?
 8. Should healers be paid for their work?
Theater presentation 3
 1. Are you worried that a healer support worker will ask you for additional money?
 2. [Healers] Describe the incentive that would allow you to do this work without asking a patient to pay additional money.
 3.What is a reasonable incentive to provide a healer?
 4. What is the motivation that drives traditional healers to help a patient living with HIV?
 5. What is the best way to ensure a healer is doing a good job? How can a patient complain if the healer is not working well? What can the healer do if the patient refuses their assistance?