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Table 2 Specific inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Understanding the performance of community health volunteers involved in the delivery of health programmes in underserved areas: a realist synthesis

Inclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria

Published articles examining the various aspects of CHVs’ performance in the context of community health interventions that target poor populations with unmet health needs and where CHVs:

• are engaged on a voluntary basis in a formal organisational setting (with professional engagement in recruitment, training or support)

• do not have a formal medical background

• are recognised as members of the community

Published articles examining volunteers who undertake support and education activities informally without professional direction, such as true natural helpers and expert patients

Published articles not reporting on the outcome of interest (CHVs’ performance)

Published articles not addressing the research questions and/or not contributing to the development of candidate theories, refinement and/or clarification (CMOs configuration development)