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Table 3 HeLP-her Rural partnership development

From: Evaluation of a large healthy lifestyle program: informing program implementation and scale-up in the prevention of obesity

Types of organizations Number of organizations contacted Number of organizations that supported HeLP-her rural Success rate of partnerships developed (%)
Local government employees
Local government area managers
Regional mangers
Community development officers
66 60 91
Primary and Catholic schools
School principals
Vice principals
Administrative researchers
95 90 95
Kindergartens/child care centers
Administrative researchers
60 58 97
Private businesses
Gym owners/personal trainers
Local workplaces
12 10 91
Sports club
Cricket club
Netball club
Swimming club
20 20 100
Health centers/primary Care
Health service managers
Health promotion officers
Clinical researchers (GP’s, nurses, allied health)
38 35 92
Community services
Neighborhood houses
Rural women’s organizations
25 25 100.0
Totals 321 304 94.5