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Table 1 Number of participants according to role

From: Factors affecting implementation of perinatal mental health screening in women of refugee background

Role   Number of participants (n = 37)
Staff Midwives 5
Obstetricians 6
Maternal and child health nurses 2
Perinatal mental health nurses 2
Perinatal and infant psychiatrist 1
Perinatal mental health expert 1
Maternity general practice liaison officer 1
Community mental health team leader 1
Refugee health nursea 1
Refugee health expertsb 3
Bicultural worker 1
Interpreters 4
Community representatives   9
  1. Many participants occupied multiple roles; the most relevant role is listed
  2. aA nurse or midwife trained to assess, educate, refer and coordinate care for people of refugee or asylum seeker background
  3. bSomeone with extensive research or clinical experience with women of refugee background