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Table 1 Algorithm for the correct prescription and the reimbursement by the national health system of a monoclonal antibody

From: Implementing an evidence-based computerized decision support system linked to electronic health records to improve care for cancer patients: the ONCO-CODES study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Bevacizumab, an anti-angiogenetic drug, can be prescribed as a first line treatment for non-small cell lung cancer patients. The patients have to be evaluated by imaging tests after the 3rd administration and before the 4th [37]. When the disease progresses, the drug is considered to be not effective: the treatment is discontinued and the hospital is reimbursed for the first three administrations. When the treatment provides the desired results, the hospital can continue and the national health system covers all the costs. In any other case, i.e., the treatment is ineffective but the patient’s evaluation is performed after the 4th administration or the treatment is continued after progression, the hospital will pay for the drugs and get no reimbursement.