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Table 1 Focus group questions, with analysis domains and intended charting category

From: Sustaining complex interventions in long-term care: a qualitative study of direct care staff and managers

Question Codes Domain
Grand tour question
 What was most important to you in the CONNECT program? What struck you about CONNECT?
 How did the CONNECT program change the way you communicate about resident care? • Change in communication Salience of intervention components
 Which parts of CONNECT, if any, had the biggest impact on the way you communicate about resident care? How? Examples. • High impact
• Resident care example
 Which parts of CONNECT, if any, were less helpful? Why? Examples. • Low impact
 What would you change about how CONNECT was presented or delivered (for example, classroom sessions vs. self-study materials, vs. one-on-one discussions with CONNECT champions)? • Suggested change
 Overall, what (if any) parts of the CONNECT program will you continue to do in your facility now that we have finished the program? • Plan to continue Sustainability
 What can your facility do to continue using the CONNECT program? How will they refresh, update, and orient staff to CONNECT? • Facility tailoring
 Now that we have talked about what pieces of CONNECT you want to keep and how you want to share them, what kinds of materials or tools do you need to share that information effectively? • Tools needed