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Table 2 Summary of trial client outcomes and implementation processes

From: A protocol for a pragmatic randomized controlled trial using the Health Teams Advancing Patient Experience: Strengthening Quality (Health TAPESTRY) platform approach to promote person-focused primary healthcare for older adults

Client outcomes
Variable/outcome Hypothesis Outcome measure Timing Methods of analysisa
Goal attainment GAS score will be higher in the intervention arm compared to the control arm at 6-months; proportion of participants who report maintaining or improving in the top priority goal area will be higher in the intervention arm than the control arm at 6-months Goal attainment scaling score [53] obtained from a structured interview; proportion of participants who report maintaining or improving in their top priority goal area T6, T12 Linear regression for continuous variables; logistical regression for categorical variables
Self-efficacy Higher self-efficacy, quality of life, optimal aging, social support, access, comprehensiveness, patient empowerment, patient-centeredness, and satisfaction of care and lower caregiver strain, hospital admissions, and emergency room visits will be reported in the intervention arm compared to the control arm at 6-months Self-efficacy for managing chronic disease [55]; self-report T0, T6, T12
Quality of life EQ5D-5L [56]; self-report T0, T6, T12
Optimal aging Single-item optimal aging question from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging [57]; self-report T0, T6, T12
Social support DUKE social support index [58]; self-report T0, T6, T12
Access CIHI common indicators; self-report [59] T0, T6, T12
Comprehensiveness of care T0, T6, T12
Patient empowerment T0, T6, T12
Patient-centeredness T0, T6, T12
Caregiver strain 4-item Zarit screen [60]; self-report T0, T6, T12
Satisfaction with care Single item, satisfaction rated from 1 to 10; self-report T0, T6, T12
Hospitalizations and emergency room visits EMR abstraction T0, T6, T12
  1. Demographic information including age, gender, level of education, marital status, ethnicity, language spoken, and number of medications, falls, adverse events, and economic analysis not included in the above table
  2. T 0 baseline, T 3 3-month collection, T 6 6-month collection, T 12 12-month collection
  3. aAnalyses will be adjusted for participant gender and MFHT site (McMaster Family Practice or Stonechurch Family Health Centre)