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Table 3 Objective 2 outcomes and data sources

From: Researching effective approaches to cleaning in hospitals: protocol of the REACH study, a multi-site stepped-wedge randomised trial

Outcomes Measures Methods
Primary outcome:
Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio from adoption of the cleaning bundle presented as cost per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) gained (calculated from secondary outcomes)
Secondary outcomes:
1. Changes in costs associated with implementing the bundle Frequency and value of resources used in implementing the bundle (costs incurred) Hospital specific items collated from existing hospital-based data sets and supplied to project team by trial site team for analysis. Centralised resources recorded by project team. Valued in 2016 Australian dollars (AUD)
Cost of infection in terms of treatment costs, diagnosis costs and bed days saved (potential cost savings) Calculated using estimates from the literature about the attributable cost of infection. Valued in 2016 AUD
2. Changes in QALYs associated with implementing the bundle Opportunity cost of infection in terms of:
1. Deaths
2. QALYs
Calculated using estimates from the published literature on attributable mortality and morbidity for infection