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Table 8 Odds of a respondent’s clinic being in the lowest decile for Pi2 score (vs. middle eight deciles) as a function of reporting that barriers limited delivery of optimal patient-centered care a great deal

From: The facilitators and barriers associated with implementation of a patient-centered medical home in VHA

  Low Pi2 vs. medium Pi2
Odds ratio p value
Lack of support from clinical leadership 1.34 0.10
Difficulty accessing specialist care 1.27 0.25
Poor communication with specialists within VA 1.04 0.84
Poor communication with specialists outside the VA 1.01 0.92
Poor communication around inpatient care 1.14 0.46
Lack of control over my schedule 1.37 0.04
Lack of responsiveness to my requests for assistance from my team members 1.58 0.01
Inadequate time allotted to provide counseling or education 1.01 0.95
Inadequate time allotted to provide follow-up care 1.22 0.30
Patients have limited VA benefits 1.42 0.05
Preferred medications are difficult to obtain 1.18 0.36
Inadequate support for patient behavioral change needs 1.40 0.03
Recruiting and retaining providers 1.56 0.05
Recruiting and retaining non-provider clinicians 1.69 0.004
Recruiting and retaining non-clinicians 1.38 0.06
Clinical reminder volume 1.15 0.39
Delivering opiate therapy 1.08 0.65
Time & effort to input notes 1.02 0.93
CPRS alerts volume 1.24 0.20