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Table 6 Odds of a respondent’s clinic being in the middle eight deciles for Pi2 score (vs. lowest decile) as a function of reporting facilitators were available or that respondents were involved in facilitator activities

From: The facilitators and barriers associated with implementation of a patient-centered medical home in VHA

  Medium Pi2 vs. low Pi2
Odds ratio p value
Local education session 0.93 0.68
Learning collaborative 0.99 0.93
Measurement tools 1.44 0.03
Teamlet huddles 1.36 0.15
Regular team meetings 1.27 0.14
Information systems 1.35 0.06
New approaches to scheduling 1.08 0.66
Quality improvement methods 1.24 0.16
Disease registries 1.60 0.02
PACT toolkit 1.01 0.96