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Table 3 Primary and secondary outcomes

From: Implementing international osteoarthritis treatment guidelines in primary health care: study protocol for the SAMBA stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial

  Measurement scale Timea
Primary outcome measure (patient-reported)   
 OsteoArthritis Quality Indicator Questionnaire [20] 0–100 % (pass rate) 0, 3, 6, 9,12
Patient-reported secondary outcome measures   
 Pain level in hip/knee past week NRS 0–10 0, 3, 6, 9,12
 Stiffness in the hip/knee past week NRS 0–10 ---“---
 Hip/knee function in the past week NRS 0–10 ---“---
 Patient global assessment of the OA disease NRS 0–10 ---“---
 Patient acceptable symptom state (PASS) Acceptable/unacceptable ---“---
 Function (Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score OoL subscale [44]/Hip disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score OoL subscale [45] (K/HOOS) 4 items, 5-point scale ---“---
 Physical activity (frequency, intensity, duration) [47] 3 items ---“---
 Daily hours in sitting position 1 item ---“---
 Satisfaction with the care provided (from patient experience questionnaires [48]) 1 item, 5-point scale ---“---
 Health related quality of life (EQ-5D) [49] 5 items, 5-point scale ---“---
 Body weight kg ---“---
 Health care use past 3 months   ---“---
 Patient Specific Functional Scale [43] NRS 0–10 Pre- and post exercise programme
 Adverse events 1 item Exercise diary
Measured patient secondary outcomes  
 30-s chair-stands test [50] Number of stands Pre- and post exercise programme
 6-min walk test [51] Metres ---“---
 Stairs test [52] Seconds ---“---
GP- and PT-reported secondary outcome measures  
 Knowledge about recommended OA care 2 items, 5-point scale Pre- and post-workshop + 6 months post-workshop
 Attitude towards OA treatment and recommendations 4 items, 5-point scale ---“---
 Behaviour in OA care (referrals, imaging) ---“--- ---“---
Register based data secondary outcome measures  
 Number of referrals to secondary care that does not lead to scheduled joint surgery   0–12
 Number of referrals to MRI for OA assessment   ---“---
 Number of GP referrals for OA patients to PTs at FLSs/private practice   ---“---
PTs at FLSs/in private practice secondary outcome measures  
 Number of discharge reports from PTs at FLSs/ private practice to the referring GP   0–12
  1. a0 = baseline assessment, the other numbers indicate months after baseline assessment
  2. MRI magnetic resonance imaging, NRS numeric rating scale