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Table 7 Summary of actions taken by hospitals to increase the uptake of home dialysis

From: Taking hospital treatments home: a mixed methods case study looking at the barriers and success factors for home dialysis treatment and the influence of a target on uptake rates

Actions taken Hospitals
1 2 3 4
Significant additional resources secured from the hospital for staff and home dialysis machines
Forward-looking resource and capacity plan developed for achieving the 2015 target for home haemodialysis    
Widening access
Assisted PD introduced to widen access to more frail patients or those living alone
Rapid/direct access to PD for acute patients to prevent acute patients automatically going onto in-centre haemodialysis
Rapid PD catheter insertion   
Solo home haemodialysis introduced, so patients do not need to have a carer involved    
Portable home haemodialysis machine introduced    
Self-care/minimal care routinely available in in-centre haemodialysis units as a possible stepping stone to home haemodialysis    
One-off reviews of in-centre haemodialysis patients’ treatment options  
In-centre haemodialysis patients successfully switched to home dialysis    
Peer support
Peer support scheme for patients interested in home haemodialysis    
Informal peer support available for patients interested in home dialysis     
Staffing, training and induction
Home dialysis included in the induction of all new staff   
Staff rotation used to increase staff knowledge of home dialysis    
Hospital support
Visible support secured from hospital senior management   
Home dialysis targets deliberately aligned with the hospital’s strategic plan  
Approach to the target
Focus on increasing both home haemodialysis and PD uptake  
Focus solely on increasing home haemodialysis