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Table 2 Sample potential coordination objectives and indicators resulting from ProMES methodology

From: Study protocol: identifying and delivering point-of-care information to improve care coordination

Objective Indicator
1. Optimize balance of quality vs. length of life given patient preferences 1. Score on patient preferences/satisfaction survey
2. Length of life compared to algorithm based on stages of disease
2. Ensure timely screening, delivery, and follow-up of care 3. Mean number of days between date provider orders test and date clerk schedules appointment with the patient
4. Percent of patients eligible for screening tests who receive them in the specified period.
5. Percent of patients eligible for diagnostic tests who receive them in the specified period.
3. Ensure care is evidence-based and comprehensive by providing the right expertise mix to care for patient 6. Percent of provider type match per patient problem, i.e., the correct type of provider should be working on a patient for every problem on the patient problem list
  1. Sample objectives and indicators are from a brief pilot ProMES session conducted for care coordination specific to cancer care.