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Table 1 Scope of education and training manuscripts

From: Education and training for implementation science: our interest in manuscripts describing education and training materials

Issue Likely to be accepted Likely to be rejected
Field of interest Health care and population health Anything else
Effectiveness studies Evaluated the effectiveness of an intervention targeted to build capacity in the science or practice of implementation. Examples include studies evaluating implementation coaching, knowledge brokers, graduate curricula in implementation science, or continuing professional development courses in implementation Evaluating the effectiveness of a patient education intervention
We are interested in studies that use quantitative and/or qualitative methods to evaluate impact
Process evaluations Submitted with or following the report of intervention effectiveness as described above Submitted without main intervention effectiveness paper
Training and educational intervention development reports Prepared and submitted prior to the reporting of the effectiveness of the capacity building intervention Description of a graduate course in theory without description of its development
Description of a graduate course that is not going to be rigorously evaluated
Developed using rigorous empirical and/or theoretical approaches
Reports of measurement tools Described the development and validation of a measurement tool to assess the impact of a capacity building initiative in the science and/or practice of implementation Development of a measurement tool without validation or description of empirical methods used to develop it
Protocols Described evaluation of a capacity building initiative in the science and/or practice of implementation Protocol that has not been peer reviewed by a nationally recognised funding agency
Peer reviewed by a nationally recognised research agency
Received ethics review board approval
Submitted prior to data cleaning or analysis
Reports of development/evaluation of competencies Described rigorous development of core competencies for implementation coach or scientist No explicit methods used to develop core competencies
No plan to evaluate competency-based intervention