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Table 1 Healthcare Professional Datasets (N = 13 Datasets)

From: Identifying the domains of context important to implementation science: a study protocol

  Sample TACT
Dataset N Professional group Country Data collection dates Target Action Context Time
Red blood cell transfusion-1 12 Intensivists Canada April–October 2008 Patients Watching and waiting vs. infusing red blood cells Intensive care units When patient has borderline hemoglobin
Red blood cell transfusion-2 12 Orthopedic surgeons Canada September–July 2009 Patients Watching and waiting vs. infusing red blood cells General surgery wards When patient has borderline hemoglobin
Pre-operative assessment 11 Anesthesiologists Canada September–October 2009 Patients Completing an assessment without a routine electro-cardiography Pre-assessment units During pre-operative assessments
5 Surgeons
Smoking cessation 10 Family physicians Canada March–October 2009 Patients Adherence to a guideline for smoking cessation Primary care During patient visit
Fetal monitoring 12 Labor & delivery nurses Canada April–May 2010 Patients Intermittent auscultation for fetal surveillance Birthing units During labor
Adult computerized tomography head rule 8 Emergency room physicians Canada March–June 2010 Patients Using an adult computerized tomography head rule Adult emergency room During emergency room visit for a head injury
Child computerized tomography head rule 31 Physicians Canada January–July 2011 Patients Using a child computerized tomography head rule Pediatric emergency room During emergency room visit for a head injury
11 Nurses
Bone mineral density screening 12 Family physicians Canada September–November 2012 Patients ≥50 years Order a bone mineral density screen Physician’s office At next available appointment when find out about Fragility Fracture
Hand hygiene 22 Physicians Canada September 2012–Feb 2013 Patients Hand hygiene Medical and surgical wards Before initial contact, after contact, before aseptic procedures, and after bodily fluid exposure
20 Residents      
4 Infection Control Specialists      
Donation after cardio-circulatory death 24 Intensivists Canada October–July 2014 Patients Donation after cardio-circulatory death Hospitals that perform organ donation At circulatory death
16 ICU nurses
15 Organ Donor Coordinators
Fit: feedback intervention trial 12 Doctors UK February 2006 Patients Hand hygiene Intensive care units and elderly medical units While in the hospital
32 Nurses
Preconception care guidelines 22 Physicians Australia October–November 2007 Patients Adherence to guidelines for preconception care Primary care (general practitioner office) During patient visit
Lower back imaging 21 Chiropractors Canada and USA February–July 2010 Patients Managing back pain without an x-ray Private clinics During patient visit