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Table 1 Mapping steps of Behaviour Change Wheel to the three stages of intervention development in the UK Medical Research Council guide on complex interventions in healthcare

From: Improving medication management in multimorbidity: development of the MultimorbiditY COllaborative Medication Review And DEcision Making (MY COMRADE) intervention using the Behaviour Change Wheel

MRC development stage [10] BCW steps [14] BCW stages
1. Identify the evidence base 1. Define the problem in behavioural terms 1. Understand the behaviour
2. Select the target behaviour
3. Specify the target behaviour
2. Identify/develop theory 4. Identify what needs to change
5. Identify appropriate intervention functions 2. Identify intervention options
6. Identifying policy categories
3. Model process and outcomes 7. Identifying behavioural change techniques 3. Identify content and implementation options
8. Determine the mode of delivery