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Table 1 Macrocognition-coding glossary

From: Understanding effective care management implementation in primary care: a macrocognition perspective analysis

Macrocognition function and “Code” assigned Definition
Sensemaking and searning (SL) A deliberate and systematic attempt to find coherent, conceptual situational understanding, acquire new knowledge, or generate shared mental models
Decision making (DM) Any decision in the clinical process, including what decision, by whom, made how, when, where, and why about an individual patient’s care management
Planning (PL) Any activity involving the process of intending to (re-)shape another process, e.g., decisions about the clinical process. Planning (about) something, including learning, coordinating, etc. Includes re-planning
Monitoring and detection (MD) Tracking implementation progress or discovering a situation that is novel, or a potential opportunity or problem, or deviations from expected processes or outcomes
Managing the unknown, uncertain, unexpected, and irregular (MU) How uncertainty, risk, and ambiguity are dealt with, including identification of ambiguities and risks, monitoring strategy, and incorporation into decision making; dealing with inadequate information
Coordinating (CO) Any activity that helps synchronizes two or more people involved in an activity, about clinical and change process; developing and maintaining common ground (often in planning or sensemaking)