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Table 2 Workshop agenda for Day 1: an introduction to D&I Science

From: Bringing it home: expanding the local reach of dissemination and implementation training via a university-based workshop

Topic areas Learning objective Time
Introduction To review workshop objectives 8:00–8:10
Why are we here? To describe the importance of D&I research and practice in achieving a healthy America 8:10–8:30
The promise and challenge of D&I in health
What are we talking about? To define common terminology 8:30–9:45
D&I definitions, frameworks To demonstrate the use of common frameworks
Break To network with D&I colleagues 9:45–10:00
What approaches should I take? To identify existing D&I resources and toolkits 10:00–11:30
Strategies and toolkits To demonstrate how to design for D&I
Lunch To network with D&I colleagues 11:30–12:30
How do I know if I am successful? To compare and contrast study evaluation approaches commonly used in D&I 12:30–2:00
Evaluation and measurement To identify key metrics in D&I
Break To network with D&I colleagues 2:00–2:15
Application: RE-AIM activity To apply knowledge of RE-AIM framework 2:15–3:15
Tips for success To share tips for success in writing a research proposal, implementing a D&I program, or managing a D&I project 3:15–4:15
Summary To recap key learning points 4:15–4:30
Reception To network with D&I colleagues 4:30–5:30