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Table 3 Frameworks (n= 15) to classify interventions

From: A scoping review of classification schemes of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into practice in healthcare

Classification scheme Context Focus of scheme Methodology Peer reviewed Knowledge users Piloted or tested Theory based
Best 2008 [30] Oncology Knowledge integration framework for cancer control Expert panels, literature review and concept mapping Yes Yes Yes No
Cane 2012 [33] General Refinement of the theoretical domains framework Card sorting and cluster analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Century 2012 [63] Education and social sciences Two frameworks for describing implementation and for factors that affect implementation Literature review Yes No No No
Cohen 2000 [64] Public health, HIV prevention Taxonomy of HIV interventions across individual and structural levels Not reported Yes No No No
Czaja 2003 [47] Behavioural interventions (Alzheimer’s Disease) Describing and decomposing complex psychosocial and behavioural interventions Mapping interventions onto framework Yes No Yes Yes
Damshroder 2009 [14] General Consolidated Framework For Implementation Research (CFIR) Literature review; snowballing, synthesis of theories and frameworks Yes No No Yes
Dixon 2010 [23] Behaviour change Competences to deliver interventions to change lifestyle behaviours that affect health Literature review, feedback No Yes Yes Yes
Dolan 2010 [22] Policy Checklist for policy-makers aimed at changing or shaping behaviour Not reported Not reported Not reported Not reported Yes
Dy 2011 [32] Patient safety Patient safety practices Literature review, consensus with experts Yes Yes Yes No
Goel 1996 [65] Social science, retail pharmacies Conceptual framework of factors that affect retail pharmacy prescribing and strategies for behaviour change Literature review Yes No No No
Hendriks 2013 [66] Public health Behaviour change ball framework for public health and childhood obesity Literature review Yes No No Yes
Lavis 2006 [67] Policy, international Framework for assessing country-level efforts to link research to action Not reported Yes No No No
Michie 2011 [20] Behaviour change Behaviour change wheel comprising: a ‘behaviour system’ at the hub, encircled by intervention functions and then by policy categories Literature review; development of new framework Yes No Yes Yes
Purdue 2005 [68] Policy Legal strategies for preventing cardiovascular disease Not reported Yes No No No
Stirman 2013 [69] General Coding system for modifications and adaptions of interventions Literature review Yes No No No