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Table 1 Lists to classify interventions (n= 8)

From: A scoping review of classification schemes of interventions to promote and integrate evidence into practice in healthcare

Classification scheme Context Focus of scheme Methodology Peer reviewed Knowledge users Piloted or tested Theory based
Abraham 2011 [28] Health promotion List of behaviour change techniques Not reported No No No Yes
AHRQ [26] Patient safety List of approaches to improve safety Not reported Not reported Not reported Not reported No
Albrecht 2013 [48] General Checklist for assessing quality of KT interventions Literature review Yes No Underway No
Bartholomew 2011 [29] Health promotion Methods for changing behaviours Not reported No No Not reported Yes
CPHI 2001 [24] Public health Includes a catalogue of strategies by who, when, how of getting research into policy Survey No No No No
EPOC 2010 [16] Health Data collection checklist that includes a list of interventions for inclusion in Cochrane reviews Not reported No Not reported Not reported No
Health Systems Evidence 2013 [27] Policy, health systems List of health system arrangements and implementation strategies in Health Systems Evidence web resource Not reported No No No No
Powell 2012 [39] Health Compilation of implementation strategies Literature review Yes Yes No No