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Table 2 Results from Rounds 1 and 2 of the modified Delphi process

From: A refined compilation of implementation strategies: results from the Expert Recommendations for Implementing Change (ERIC) project

Suggested changes to strategy terms and/or definitions Round 1 Round 2
Develop a formal implementation blueprint 2 alt 3 alt
Tailor strategies [to overcome barriers and honor preferences] 1 alt -----
Identify and prepare champions 1 alt -----
Involve patients/consumers and family members 1 alt -----
Provide ongoing consultation 1 alt -----
Shadow other clinicians 2 alt 3 alt
Change physical structure and equipment 1 alt 3 alt
Facilitate relay of clinical data to providers 1 alt 2 alt
Use advisory boards and work groups 1 alt 4 alt
Purposefully reexamine the implementation 1 alt 3 alt
Promote adaptability New 1 alt
External facilitation New 2 alt
Identify early adopters New 1 alt
Promote network weaving New -----
Provide local technical assistance New -----
Assess for readiness and identify barriers and facilitators Concerns 1 alt
Stage implementation scale-up Concerns -----
Model and simulate change Concerns 2 alt
Mandate change Concerns 1 alt
Develop effective educational materials Concerns -----
Develop an implementation glossary [a glossary of implementation] Concerns 1 alt
Conduct ongoing training Concerns -----
Make training dynamic Concerns -----
Conduct educational outreach visits Concerns -----
Use mass media Concerns -----
Prepare patients/consumers to be active participants Concerns -----
Develop disincentives [penalize] Concerns 1 alt
Create new clinical teams Concerns -----
Start a dissemination [purveyor] organization Concerns 1 alt
Develop tools for quality monitoring Concerns -----
Audit and provide feedback Concerns -----
Use data warehousing techniques Concerns -----
Use an improvement/implementation advisor Concerns -----
Change accreditation or membership requirements Concerns -----
Use data experts ----- 1 alt
Use capitated payments ----- 1 alt
Organize clinician implementation team meetings ----- 1 alt
Intervene with patients/consumers to enhance uptake and adherence ----- 1 alt
Create a learning collaborative ----- 1 alt
  1. Brackets represent elements of the strategies that have been deleted based on feedback in Rounds 1 and 2. Italicized elements were consensus modifications for the strategy.
  2. Alt alternative definitions suggested.