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Table 2 Measures of health systems and patient cost

From: Economic evaluation of the practical approach to lung health and informal provider interventions for improving the detection of tuberculosis and chronic airways disease at primary care level in Malawi: study protocol for cost-effectiveness analysis

Measurements of cost
Type of cost Expenditures Specification Source of resources used Source of cost Cost calculation
Medical direct costs Primary healthcare consultations Medical practitioner Self-reported and comparison Healthcare provider  
Facility nurse Answers in questionnaires
Hospitalisation Varied   Provider Healthcare provider Resource × unit cost
Secondary care consultation Other specialist   Self-reported and comparison Healthcare provider Number of visits × tariff
Diagnostic tests Radiology and laboratory   Self-reported and comparison Healthcare provider Number of visits × tariff
Pharmaceutical supplies Inhalers and antibiotics   Provider Standard pharmaceutical prices Medicine bought × price
Additional medical services Rehabilitation and other therapies   Provider Healthcare provider Service provide × tariff
Material provided in PAL intervention Leaflets and booklets   Provider Provider and production cost Number of material × price
Equipment used in intervention Sputum containers   Provider Provider and market prices  
Pulse oximeter
Non-medical direct costs Aid to patients who face disabilities Aid in household Self-reported Patient Hours of aid × price per aid
Transport cost e.g. referrals    Self-reported Patient Distance × price
Indirect costs Cost of lost Absenteeism Self-reported Patient