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Table 2 Data collection matrix

From: Evaluation of a health systems knowledge translation network for Africa (KTNET): a study protocol

Objective Method Tools Variables
1. To evaluate changes in the knowledge translation capacity of the eight coalition partners 1. Key informant interview 1. Structured questionnaires 1. Number and quality of KT products produced
2. Success story reports 2. Key informant guide 2. Participation in KT-related engagement activities
3. Website tracking 3. Success story report guide 3. Contribution to decision-making by partners and policymakers
Forum discussion networks 4. Citation of research results by other researchers
5. Partners’ views in using research results
2. To explore the influence of KT networking and dynamics of the network on the KT achievements of the eight coalition partners 1. Website tracking and social network analysis 1. Free listing for Egos Internet-related contacts matrix Density, centrality, connectedness
3. To evaluate the effects of KT activities on users of research using the Landry (2001) framework 1. Quarterly online/telephone survey 1. Questionnaire Transmission
2. Success stories 2. Success story report Cognition
3. KI interviews 3. KI interview guide Reference
4. Forum discussion 4. Forum discussion networks (LinkedIn, website) Effort