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Table 2 Sample sizes for each survey

From: Protocol for the economic evaluation of the diarrhea alleviation through zinc and oral rehydration salt therapy at scale through private and public providers in rural Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, India

Survey Number of participants Dates
  Gujarat Uttar Pradesh  
Starting point 4,200 3,889 March 22–May 10, 2011 Gujarat; April 1–June 21, 2011 Uttar Pradesh
Monsoon season    June through beginning of Septembera
Midpoint 1,072 1,790 September 1–October 8, 2012 Gujarat; May 24-October 4 2012 Uttar Pradesh
Endpoint 5,080 1,001 September 28–November 18, 2013 Gujarat; August 25–October 12, 2014 Uttar Pradesh
  1. aAlthough peak diarrhea season lasts until November.