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Table 1 Description of home care settings ( n =4)

From: Spreading and sustaining best practices for home care of older adults: a grounded theory study

Site Type of organization Clients served/year Employees Year RNAO BPSO designateagranted Topic of guideline implemented
1 Home care provider (for-profit) 65,000-75,000 RNs, RPNs, PSWs 2012 Pain
2 Home Care Coordinator (CCAC)b (government funded, not-for-profit) 65,000-75,000 Case managers (RNs, rehabilitation therapists and assistants) 2012 Venous leg ulcer
3 Home care provider (not-for-profit) 100,000-125,000 RNs, RPNs, PSWs, rehabilitation therapists 2006 Falls prevention
4 Home care provider (not-for profit) 100,000-125,000 RNs, RPNs 2006 Falls prevention
  1. aBest Practice Spotlight Organizations (BPSOs) are health care and academic organizations selected by the RNAO through a request for proposal process to implement and evaluate the RNAO’s BPGs. Successful organizations begin with a 3-year candidacy period in which they implement and evaluate BPGs after which they become designate organizations. The initiative now has designate organizations in a number of countries worldwide.
  2. bCCACs use case management to arrange access to home care providers for all in-home services including professional and home support services. Within limited budgets set by the provincial government, CCACs purchase home care services from local non-profit and private-for-profit community-based agencies that compete for service contracts through a competitive process.